It's National Shoe Fitting Week!


Did you know about the importance of wearing correctly fitting and supportive shoes for happy and healthy feet?

Well we have all lived through that nightmare of wearing shoes that are too tight, too loose or without enough support and that not so fond memory of ensuing painful unhappy feet is a definite reminder on the importance of wearing shoes that fit properly.

Luckily for us there is a Society, completely dedicated to keeping our feet healthy and happy, with set standards and guidelines on how shoes should fit and a directory of qualified shoe fitters on hand, that you can access here,, so that we can get the help of trained experts in our pursuit of properly fitting shoe heaven.

National Shoe Fitting Week 2016 poster

The Benefits of Properly Fitting Shoes…

Wearing shoes that do not fit properly and consequently shoes that do not offer your hard working feet the support that they need has led to a myriad of health ailments ranging from unwanted stress on the feet, ankles, lower leg, hip and spine. Unfortunately, this ongoing pressure can cause pain and injuries that really limit our enjoyment of everyday life.

In fact, Hillary, our Podiatrist here at the North East Foot Centre highlights that,

"Correctly fitted shoes have been found to have a positive effect on foot health and can support the treatment of many foot problems, whereas inappropriate footwear has been found to have an impact on mobility, general health, independence and life style."

Am I invited to the Party?

Yes, you most certainly are! Here at the North East Foot Centre, we have highly trained shoe fitters just waiting to give you that expert advice and Cinderella* experience; so put your feet on top this week and make sure that your tootsie’s get the star treatment they deserve. We're waiting impatiently, to help in marrying your feet off to the perfect shoes! A match made in heaven.  

Cinderella's Glass Slipper. Possibly the most perfect fitting shoe of all time. Image Credit, Disney.

*Cinderella's glass slipper may be just about the most famously well fitting shoe of all time, but we'd advocate something a bit more comfy for anything other than a grand ball!

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