David Eardley's out and about!

Over the next few days David, our lead Podiatrist at the North East Foot Centre is out and about at Staffordshire University's footwear science meeting.... (yes, there is such a thing as footwear science, and we LOVE it!) here he is looking rather happy about being let out of his clinic! 

David Eardley. Out and about at the Staffordshire University Footwear Science Meeting

We'll be writing more about this in a few weeks once we've digested all of this fabulous input, but David has so far reported back to tell us that there have been some great presentations - some turning preconceptions completely on their heads.

Of particular interest today was one study presentation that showed motion control shoes had less of an effect in controlling pronation than cushioned shoes.

There has also been some great research on football boots and how footballers rate comfort but performance is paramount.

Finally, Professor Ewald Henning has presented his findings that quality running shoes with structural midsole cavity and gel features took 50km to wear in, but still retained their functional properties at 1000km of running.

Knowledge isn't necessarily power, but we think it's super important to keep on top of the latest learnings so that we can pass these on. More to come on this... 

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