Keep running in winter

Winter can be a stressful time, cold weather, dark mornings and of course, the dreaded Christmas shopping can put a lot of runners off enjoying their hobby. Below, our very own David Eardley, Lead Podiatrist at the North East Foot Centre, gives top tips on how to keep you moving this Winter.

I see a lot of runners throughout the year looking for advice and guidance on running related pain such as: knee, foot and heel pain and frequently known problems such as Plantar Fasciitis.

However, a typical cause of these issues is having a big break from running and then not laying down the foundations of strength and flexibility. This is why I regularly advise runners to look at the excellent strength and mobility guides (SAM) and dynamic stretching via the lunge matrix and leg swings (LM and SL) videos by Coach Johnson.

Click here for these helpful videos

Try to ignore the beautiful Colorado back drop if you are finding it tough in your drizzly street – or visualise you are there – whichever works best for you!

To build on this, Coach Johnson has written a winter training guide for runners and has kindly given permission to share it, click here to access the guide.

This is a long and detailed article and is orientated towards US high school runners, but the advice is based on science and is applicable to us all. You can see more at

Below I have summarised the key messages:


Must Dos

  1. Easy days easy, hard days hard
  2. Challenging aerobic running
  3. Running by feel
  4. LMLS and SAM every day you run
  5. Strides the first week of training
  6. Weekly long run
  7. Intelligent increase in volume (if necessary)
  8. Sleep enough to support your training
  9. Rope stretching
  10. Nutrition and hydration
  11. Have fun



  1. When in doubt, do less. #WIDDL
  2. Simple ain’t easy #simpleainteasy
  3. Sleep to race fast #sleeptoracefast
  4. Run for fun and personal bests
  5. Injury free leads to consistency
  6. Patience is a necessity
  7. SAM Is my friend
  8. Stress + rest = growth


Have a great winter of running - personally it’s my favourite time to run, but I appreciate it can be tough for those training for big spring events such as the London Marathon.

Don’t forget, here at the North East Foot Centre, we are here to support and guide you, helping you with any injuries, prescribing orthotic insoles, guiding you on running shoes, plus so much more.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019 and remember…

Keep on running!


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