Pedipod Paediatric Insoles

North East Foot Centre

Specifically designed for children’s feet reflecting their specific needs. These aren’t just undersized adult insoles. Children’s feet are often much more mobile. The pedipod orthotic insole captures abnormal foot motion and controls it.

  • Anatomical support features built for children’s feet.
  • Provides comfort and pain relief by deep heel cup and paediatric specific arch support.
  • The brushed nylon surface is comfortable and allows easy passage of the foot into the shoe.
  • A full-length insole that can be quickly and easily trimmed to fit most comfort children shoes.

  • Suitable for:

  • Aching arches on exercise.
  • Children’s heel pain during and after exercise (Sever’s Disease).
  • Ankle, calf or leg aches on exercise.
  • Children’s kneecap pain during or after sport or on stairs.


  • Any shoe with a removable in-sock/insole.
  • Most lace up shoes.
  • Trainers and walking shoes.