X Line Plantar Fascitis Insoles

North East Foot Centre

The X Line Plantar Fascitis insole is one of very few foot orthotic devices specifically designed for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis also known plantarfasciopathy,heel spurs, policeman’s heel, or postman’s heel.

• Incorporates more heel protection features than any other orthotic device available.
• Shock-dot dell positioned to most painful spot on heel.
• Deep heel cup and mid foot cradle to reduce heel pressure.
• Heel raise and heel rocker to reduce stress on the plantarfascia during walking.
• Brush nylon cover for softness.

Suitable for:

• Heel pain that is worse in the morning or rising from rest.
• Heel pain during longer periods of exercise and standing.
• Can help relieve other foot and calf symptoms that develop with the plantar fascitis.