Ankle Guard Air/Gel Stirrup Brace

North East Foot Centre

Return to your sport/activity quickly with the stirrup Ankle Brace with Air/Gel Pads.

Specifically designed to prevent the ankle from twisting inwards and outwards. The stirrup ankle brace also has an additional strap to provide more support to the ankle. 

This ankle brace can be used on either the left or right foot. 

See the full list of features and conditions for the Stirrup Ankle Brace below including moderate to severe sprains, stabilisation of chronic ankle instability and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Removable double welded Air/Gel bladders
  • May be heated or cooled to provide hot or cold therapy
  • Streamlined design aids fit in shoes for early protected weight-bearing
  • Universal stirrup shape fits left or right

Recommended for

  • Stabilisation of chronic ankle instability
  • Moderate to severe sprains
  • Malleolar fractures
  • Conservative and post-operative care of fibular ligament ankle injury