About The North East Foot Centre

The North East Foot Centre provides podiatry services and sells products that make your feet happy and reduces lower limb pain.

It doesn't matter whether you are passionate about sports or just like to get out and about, from time to time most of us experience problems with our feet, ankles, knees or back that hold us back from doing the things we want to do. 

Whether you have Plantar Fasciitis, sore feet, knee pain, or an ingrowing toenail, seeing an experienced podiatrist can help, and experience is something that we have in buckets-full! 

The North East Foot Centre is part of Peacocks Medical Group - a company with a hundred year history in the design and manufacture of bespoke orthotic devices and orthopaedic footwear all of which is all done at our head office in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We have a carefully selected a range of shoes that not only look great but properly accommodate insoles, all of which are available to buy off the shelf or custom made.

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