Coronavirus update

March 30th 2020

We are open for urgent and high risk Podiatry and Orthotics treatments only.

Please consider yourself and others before making any booking

You can choose to have on online consultation

We can deliver all of our products promptly to you including incontinence products. Please call 01912327894 to arrange this, or see our online shop above (not all products are on here, so please call)

Before your appointment we will require  you to answer some pre-treatment screening questions

We have the safety and welfare of our staff and customers foremost. We have put measures in place to make sure this remains so.

Remember as a clinical centre we are very used to maintaining a clean safe environment.


Shop environment.

We have a hand disinfection station just behind the door, all customers are required to use this on entry.

We have a strict hourly rountine of wiping down all contact services hourly.

Our staff are using gloves and protective eyewear and are using gel between any contact, for instance receiving cash

Customers are encouraged to use contactless payment.

 Podiatry and Chiropody

We keep opur strict decontamination procedures in place. Couch, treatment areas and contact surfaces are wiped down with disinfecting agents between every treatment. Fresh sterile sets of instruments are used every treatment. The podiatrist uses a disposable apron, gloves and protective face shields as required. All keeping you safe.

Podiatry and Chiropody Home visits

If during these times you are unable to come to Newcastle, we can come to you! This too applies to urgent and high risk patients only

Our Podiatrists are trained in  surgical decontamination procedures.

On arrival they wil be wearing protective eyewear, facemasks and gloves. The gloves will be changed before your treatment and sterile instruments plus a new, sterile dressing and drape pack will be used. All waste is placed in a special bag for safe clinical disposal. We can see you at home with safe measures assured.