Gait Analysis for running and cycling

Walking is a complicated process! 

The quality and range of motion of your joints, soft tissue and muscle function are amongst the many points to be considered in at the start of any running or walking gait analysis

It is a process that includes taking your injury history, discussion of symptoms, current activities and your goals for the future.

Image showing data from a foot pressure plate reading

The essential dynamic part of the examination involves using our foot pressure plate (see above image which shows pressure through the foot during normal walking motion), treadmill and video and dartfish analysis software.

We use a mix of traditional podiatric assessment, which is based upon the experience of our podiatrists combined with cutting edge technologies which give critical data and insights as to each individual problem that we treat.

This allows maximum accuracy in determining the cause(s) of your problem, and prescribing the best solution(s) and and products to enable you to meet your goals.  

Each appointment takes approximately 1hr 15 mins, following which we will produce and send to you a cd video containing all the video, measurements and crucially, our recommendations and treatment plan.  We aim to get you back to walking or running comfortably, so that you can realise your ambitions - whether this be to simply walk to the shops, or to run a marathon.

Cycling Analysis 

Cyclists are first examined as per the full gait analysis. This is essential to establish your optimum natural gait as we are not born with wheels!

This information is then used as a base to help interpret the cycling findings. Using your our own bike, we will video you from various angles on a cycleops jet fluid trainer. Then we assess various aspects such as frontal drag presentation, arm, shoulder, hip, knee and foot angles. Essentially these are done dynamically so we can track key points throughout crank revolutions.

A knee track video, observe path of right knee deviating out. 

Next if indicated, we place PEDAR computerised in-shoe system insoles in your shoes to trace the pressures throughout each revolution. This is essential to see where the power is going. Following the  3hr analysis we will make any necessary bike fit adjustments, recommend parts(see Bike fitting), Footwear, insole & orthotic fitting or recommendations. We then produce and send to you a cd video containing all the video and measurements & crucially,  recommendations & a treatment plan. Where required we will include measurements of frontal body area & use a mathematical formula to give predicted times over a preset course in your different positions

Cycling analysis summary
Taking a thorough case history.
Static joint & muscle examination & testing.
Body composition analysis includin
Frontal body area measurement with predicted times.
g body & visceral fat percentage.
walking video treadmill analysis.
Turbo trainer cycling video analysis.
Pedar in shoe cycling pressure analysis. 
Bike adjustments, parts and components changes & recommendations.
Footwear, insole & orthotic fitting or recommendations.
Then we use all the data to produce a dartfish cd