Online Consultation

 Can't get to us?

If you cant come to us we can do a consultation using a secure video conferencing app called ZOOM, its really straightforward and secure.

Using the right questions and observation, our experienced clinicians can help with foot and walking pain plus the right orthotic, insole and brace

How do I know if an online consultation is right for me?

Whilst there will inevitably compromises with an online consultation, this can still be a very effective way of helping you.

Most aches and pains in the legs and feet can be diagnosed and helped. We can even give you pointers and diagnosis with skin problems such as corns.

Plus our Podiatrists can help with insoles and foot braces and our Orthotist can help with the right brace or musculoskeltal support for the whole body. If we cannot help you we will tell you and refund you.


How will you log in for the appointment?

When booking online, its important that in the consent area that you consent to treatment and images or we cant go ahead.Before the appointment you will receive via text an secure izettle link requesting payment. This is a secure payment site. The consultation cannot go ahead before this is confirmed.

Before the appointment time you receive an email with a link to go to a ZOOM meeting.

Just before the appointment time be ready!

 Online consultations are subject to the same accurate timing and confidentiality as a clinic appointment, so please be ready suitably dressed (shorts and t-shirt are ideal) and alone for your consultation in a well lit room. If you are accompanied, that person should be your partner, parent or carer that respects your medical confidentiality.

Please have a computer with a camera and microphone enabled. Don’t worry, this is built into most laptops and is visible as a small circular lens above your screen. Desktop computers usually need a separate plug in webcam. You could also use a suitable mobile phone or tablet.

Please be ready to talk directly to us, you will see us and we will see you.
You will need to show us the part affected, sometimes requiring a steady close up. We also may require to see you standing and walking, wearing shorts and a close fitting top can help.

You may need a flexible tape measure with centimetre markings to help us with things like the sizing of bracing.

When it is the meeting time just follow the link on your email and enter the password, you may need to enable your microphone and video.

What happens afterwards?
If required we will send you a treatment plan with recommendations such as exercises, provided you have given us consent to contact you.

If for any reason you need to reschedule this appointment, you can log into your online booking account and edit all appointments there, you don't need to call us so you can access this service 24/7.

However, if you are late or do not attend the appointment, the fee is not refundable as we are there for you.

We'll look forward to seeing you online!.

 Check availability and book online