Shoe & Insole Fitting

We take great care to ensure our customers are fitted correctly for their shoes. Our podiatrist Hillary is also  fully certified by the society of shoefitters 

Society of shoe fitters

All of our shoes have been personally selected by our team to match the specific needs of our customers - many of whom need an insole to help with their biomechanical alignment, to prevent injury or alleviate pain. 

All of our shoes have removable footbeds so that you can put your own insole into the shoe without having to compromise on shoe size, meaning that you get proper fitting, comfortable and stylish shoes that you can wear with confidence  - that's why we call it Feel Good Footwear. 

In store, we have a foot pressure plate, which is free to use for all of our customers regardless of your reason to visit. From this, our fully trained staff can give advice on what foot wear is best suited to your needs, and if you might need an insole. 

We stock a variety of options in insoles (also sometimes called foot orthotics) to suit all budgets and needs - from off the shelf to fully custom. 

Come in and talk to us, or give us a call to find out how we might help you.