Airplus Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insole Women's

North East Foot Centre

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The Airplus Plantar Fascia Orthotic supports the critical arch and heel area to provide maximum comfort. The Plantar Fascia, the tissue that connects the ball of foot to the heel. can become inflamed due to repeated stress and improper gait, potentially causing heel spurs. The Plantar Fascia Orthotic positions the foot correctly and promotes proper motion to increase comfort. The firm arch plate and deep heel cup support and stabilize your foot for all day comfort.

  • Slim 3/4 length design will not crowd toes and fits great in casual , athletic and dress shoes.
  • Arch plate supports plantar fascia and works to increase comfort.
  • Heel cup provides stability and keeps foot in place.
  • Gel drop provides additional cushioning for heel spurs.

This is a good entry level insole for those suffering with plantar fasciitis. If symptoms persist we would recommend making an appointment to see your podiatrist. If you live local to the North East Foot Centre, come and see us. We have helped many clients recover from Plantar Fasciitis issues.