Best Group Northumbria Socks Mid 1 x pair Black/Grey

North East Foot Centre

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northumbria socks give exceptional warmth and moisture management

Best Group socks are designed and engineered in the rugged landscape of Northumberland, Great Britain.

Whether used for mountain trails, travelling or every day ,Best Group's commitment to combining the very best design, materials and construction helps you to have that great day out.

Merino wool blended with polypropylene gives exceptional warmth and moisture management. A fully cushioned foot with Lin Toe seams. Arch support and ankle flex provide extra comfort.

  • ´╗┐Comfortable Soft Welt.
  • Fully Cushioned Rib Leg.
  • Reinforced Heel.
  • Ankle Flex.
  • Moisture Transport Zone.
  • Elastomeric Arch Brace.
  • Flat Lin Toe Seam.
  • Reinforced Toe