Gelx Mesh Digital Cap

North East Foot Centre

gel mesh digital cap, releif from corns, calluses

The Gelx Mesh Digital cap provides superior cushioning, protection and relief from corns, calluses, nails and cuticles, hammer toes. Made from Gelx mineral oil gel, the gel lining is enriched with mineral oils to moisturise, lubricate and soften. The gel is durable and stretchable, meaning that the product can be easily placed in position or applied. Gelx mineral oil products are washable and reusable.

  • Available in 2 different sizes


If problems with corns and calluses persist, the NHS recommends the following: 

  • Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them and apply a special moisturising foot cream (not body lotion).
  • Use a pumice stone or foot file regularly to gently remove hard skin. If you use a pumice stone, make sure that it dries completely between uses and does not harbour bacteria.  
  • Wear comfortable footwear that fits properly. Ideally, always shop for shoes in the afternoon, because your feet swell as the day goes on. This means shoes that fit in the afternoon will be comfortable. You should be able to move your toes inside the shoe with a small gap between the front of the shoe and your longest toe. If possible, avoid wearing heels as they increase the pressure on the front of your feet. 
  • Do not put up with foot pain as if it is normal. See a podiatrist - they will be able to investigate the underlying cause of your foot pain.