Joya Women's, Malibu W SR Black Shoes


North East Foot Centre

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The Joya technology gives you a comfortable, unique feeling as you walk. The core feature is the soft, supple sole, which supports the natural sequence of movements and promotes active walking. With Joya shoes, walking becomes a true experience

Joya sole categories 

Joya  shoes are classified into two sole categories to help you choose the correct Joya shoe.

The sole category shows at first glance the characteristics of our shoes

motion category - marked with the Joya motion symbol

Active walking and standing

  • The curved sole forces the body to balance and activates muscles in the back and the feet.
  • Developed to mimic active walking and standing in deep sand.

emotion category - marked with the emotion symbol

Stress-free walking and standing

  • The soft and supportive sole helps to minimize stress for the feet and the back.
  • Developed to mimic joyful walking in firmer sand along the waterline.

The style is the motion category

The Joya Malibu is a smart, casual shoe with slip resistant sole.

  • Elk leather, full grain leather and textile uppers
  • Textile lining
  • Multi fit insoles
  • Anti slip soles
  • Emotion sole
  • Bliss for you back