Red Box Dodger Hinged Knee Brace

North East Foot Centre

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  • Front of brace opens to allow for easier fitting.
  • Patient can easily adjust brace using fastening tabs for individual fit and comfort.
  • Covered polycentric toothed metal hinges.
  • The hinge features a stop lock at 180 degrees to help prevent hyperextension.

Customers buy this brace for

  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Ideal for geriatric / arthritic patients with moderate ligament instability.
  • Medio lateral instability.

Recognising there are an enormous number of soft braces on the market, Red Box Orthotics has evolved by working closely with health professionals and users to identify shortcomings and best features. Red Box Orthotics provides a range of some of the most commonly used Orthopaedic braces, manufactured to extremely high standards and incorporating design features that ensure both clinical efficacy and patient comfort.