Sole Thinsport Heat Mouldable Orthotic Insoles UK 5-12


North East Foot Centre

It doesn't matter if you run, hike, bike, ski, play team sports or just love to be outsoors, the Sole Softec response Sport insoles will increase your comfort level, especially when doing moderate impact or endurance sports. This supportive yet cushioned insert is a welcome replacement to stock insoles

Thanks to its mouldability and moisture-wicking top sheet, you get a custom feel and long-term comfort no matter how hard you push your choice activity.

 David, our Podiatrist says: 

I have found Sole insoles to have just the right amount of stiffness to revitalise a shoe or boot that’s lost its zing, but their chief  asset for my clients is in the heel cup shape. For people with a moderate rearfoot eversion issue ( pronation) the heel cup has a subtle and well designed medial skive. This puts the force in just the right spot to control the rearfoot.

The thinsport in particular has proved very useful with my clients with low profile footwear such as cycling or fell running shoes. They are firm, boost the stiffness of the footwear when needed and are comfortable. A great design and have a permanent spot in my foot orthoses weapons cache.

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