Thuasne Malleo Dynastab BOA Ankle Brace

North East Foot Centre

The Malleo Dynastab Boa is a premium ankle brace that offers a high level of support whilst still being light weight. Suitable for an ankle sprain, the low profile means it can be worn in any type of shoe. Additional straps and a metallic splint provide maximum stabilisation whilst the anatomic design and micro-aerated 3D fabric ensure optimum comfort. Fitting is quick and easy with the state of the art Boa lacing system.

Conditions product can be used for

  • Mild, moderate or severe sprains of the lateral ligaments
  • Lower tibiofibular sprain
  • Resumption of sports


  • Rigid side reinforcements to ensure ankle stability
  • Straps that optimise the actions of the reinforcements
  • Slim product that fits easily inside a shoe
  • Anatomical shape

Please measure ankle circumference in cms for size

Size 1 ~ 19 - 22 cm

Size 2 ~ 22 - 26 cm

Size 3 ~ 26 - 30 cm